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Why  Beer?

Whether beer is good or not, it’s debatable. Some religious institutions term it as an illicit drink while others advocate for it. Health experts support its consumption with a tag “in moderation.”

Specific cultures in the African set up use it as a seal for community partnership, while in others, it’s a custom as a drink for all social gatherings. The bottom line, your choice to take it or not depends on the positive impact it has on your body and life in general.

As the third-largest drink after water and tea, our blog focuses on the reasons why everyone should take a glass or two of beer in their lifetime. The information is based on valuable research and people’s practical experiences with the bottle.

Here are some reasons on why you should drink beer

  1. Beer for physical health

Unlike wine, beer is responsible for the prevention of certain illnesses. Here is the list

  • Osteoporosis
  • Gall stones
  • Type2 diabetes
  • Heart –related diseases
  • Some form of cancers –prostate and breast cancer
  • H-pylori infection

We insist, take it in moderation to prevent addiction and overconsumption- the adverse effects are unbearable. The starch grain in the fermentation process boosts your energy. It is for this reason why people can dance throughout the night fatigue after taking a bottle of beer.

According to several research studies, the insulin sensitivity enhances metabolic rate to reduce body inflammations as well as the level of cholesterol in the body. It’s an indirect way of reducing weight. However, there is the beer belly factor common among beer lovers.

To benefit from the glycogen inhibition, take a balanced diet before sipping your bottle or glass of beer. With this, you are sure of proper heart health and general body fitness.

  1. Beer for emotional well being

A study proves that beer takes effect in one’s body after 30 minutes from the first sip. The processing of emotions among beer lovers is faster compared to non-alcoholic drinkers.

Beer stimulates the production of happiness hormones making one always smile at anything, both good and bad. Probably, it proves the myth why people with stress, depression, and anxiety syndromes resort to burying themselves in the bottle to forget the current circumstances for a while.

Sex therapists use beer consumption as a therapy to spike intimacy among partners. The energy and the confidence that comes with beer drinking suppress the negative emotions. Never abuse your feeling of negative emotions with alcohol. It works on natural leverage; otherwise, you may have suicidal thoughts.

3.Beer for social expectation

Is there a social party without beer? A tap of beer glasses opens the party for all manner of social networks. Many high-end deals and contracts have been signed over a glass of beer.

The nightlife is the only place you can informally talk to a CEO, a Director, or a General Manager and get valuable advice on a business venture. The confidence that comes with this drink is way beyond your anticipation.

The beer table is the place you bore to societal pressure and even get valuable friends to help you go through a tough time. A peculiar concept about beer friends is the level of generosity. You can go to a drinking spree without a single coin; trust me, you will get out of that bar tipsy.

4.Beer for satisfaction

There is a sense of satisfaction that comes with drinking beer. The problems you face in life become challenges- they are solvable. The unusual happy experience when taking beer in round tables as you catch up or make fun is fulfilling.

One day take a close look at the faces of beer lovers as they take their favorite brand. You notice smiling faces among them as if life treats them well. Behind the happy faces are wounded spirits. That doesn’t matter at that time.

To enjoy all the social, emotional and physical benefits of beer; but the following factors in consideration

  • Understand what works for you in this hobby and capitalize on it
  • Have the right social circle of friends for beer-consumption-moderation goal
  • Practice self-discipline while drinking
  • Know your favorite brand
  • Learn to say no or yes where applicable

Beer is a social drink. Taking it alone in the house may not give you the social experience as well as satisfaction. We insist on moderate beer drinking. Otherwise, you may have adverse effects on your body and social life.