Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Beer

Alcohol is a broad term used in the fermentation of yeast cells in making beer, wine, and liquors. The difference between the three alcoholic drinks is the type of fermented raw material.

Beer is made from grains like barley and wheat, while wine is made from fruits; conversely, liquor is distilled alcoholic drinks. Naturally, overconsumption of any drink-including the soft drink – is harmful to one’s emotional and physical health. Similarly, over drinking of alcohol has both negative long term and short term benefits.

Let’s focus specifically on the advantages of drinking beer. Barley and grains are starchy food with specific nutrients ideal for one’s health. Moreover, during the fermentation process, more nutrients are formed and destroyed in equal measure. It explains the advantages and disadvantages.

Prevent cell damage

Beer is rich in magnesium – mineral- and vitamin B responsible for the production of flavonoids. Flavonoids reduce the rate of oxidation. In simple terms, it’s the damaging of body cells.

The body has millions of blood cells; once there is damage with no replacement, then you are weak. Moderate beer consumption gives you energy due to body cell destruction. What is a reasonable amount of beer? 

 Health experts say, at least a glass or two a day.

Enhances your cardiac heart health

Numerous research studies prove that the death rate from heart-related illnesses is minimal among moderate beer drinkers compared to heavy drinkers and nondrinkers.

The investigation relates this to vitamin B6 high in beer as the main component that aids in the reduction of Coronary Heart Disease.

Reduces excess saturated fat

There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Lipids in the body surround major body organs leading to obese-related illnesses. The ethanol content in beer corrodes the fats helping you to maintain healthy body weight.

Also, the bad cholesterol in the blood cleans the blood, an excellent way to detoxify your body naturally.

Natural ingredient

Beer is an alcoholic drink without any chemicals as additives or preservatives. Its production process involves brewing, fermentation, filtration, and finally packaging. Bakers use it as preservatives for the cakes. It’s a drink you are sure you are taking the raw material in its original form.

With all the hypes of its health benefits, socially, it has its disadvantages. Here are some of them


After a good time with friends going through the nightlife, the next day, you are battling headaches, nausea, general body fatigue, among other sicknesses which you can’t figure out the problem.

The quality of life with this kind of lifestyle makes you a social misfit. How can you even work after a long night of beer party?

Gluten sensitivity

Gluten is the first yeast component reaction in the fermentation process. Beer is responsible for cardiac disease, which affects the lining of the small intestines. A beer lover must sense this and order for gluten-free beer to enjoy the other benefits still

Beer belly

A beer belly is a result of interference in the glycogen to the glucose conversion process. The inadequate blood sugar level makes one hungry all the time, even after taking meals.

 It explains why beer lovers take food before they engage in a drinking spree. That is why it’s easy for most beer lovers to gain weight, especially around the belly.


Get to a beer bar and notice the noise level. Do you have the same in a tea hotel? Beer stimulates the nervous system to produce specific hormones making one hyper due to increased metabolic rate.

It is a proper body function when in the right place; otherwise, it’s detrimental in critical social areas. It can cost your job. Imagine when taking beer in a staff end year party, then you misbehave. The guilt!

Take a glass or two of your favorite beer brand and enjoy the benefits. However, the alcoholic drink is addictive.

 It’s advisable to exercise great care to avoid addition and overconsumption to experience the emotional and health benefits; otherwise, you will only “reap” the disadvantages.

It doesn’t give you the authority to start taking a glass; consult your doctor if not stick to other soft drinks like tea, water, and juices.