Every business owner looks forward to growth. In the competitive market, predicting market trends is an uphill task.

Therefore, entrepreneurs need to up their business game by learning the market and providing the needs.

Things aren’t different in the beer business, like any other investment; it comes with numerous challenges. Here are a few of them

  • Competition from bigger brands
  • Changing trends in technology
  • Inadequate finances for growth
  • Compliance and regulations
  • Uncertainty in future trends

We call all these challenges, meaning solutions are in our hands. One of the efficient and most effective means of increasing your revenue is value-added service.

What is different in your bar that customers can’t find in bar B? What makes a customer maintain his loyalty to your business?

Once you understand this, capitalize on it and take advantage.

How can you know your customer’s needs?

  • Have a feedback protocol
  • Use social media platforms
  • Engage in one-on-one interaction
  • Use your sales team to gather information
  • Interview your customers
  • Learn to use your eyes and wisdom to get information

One sure way of growing your beer is through value-added service. It answers the questions of customer preference.

What makes them love to be in your place, yet your prices might even be higher? As long as you define your target audience, price plays a significant role in customer’s desire.

Value-Added Services that Promote Business Growth in Your Beer Business

Anything that will add value to your regular business operation is considered a value-added service. 

Here are a few ideas to ensure customers come to your business premise and never wish to leave.

They include services that you don’t have to pay for them; you get them by being in the restaurant.

1. Sports activities

As an entrepreneur, you want to keep your customers for as long as they wish. It is a marketing strategy.

Can someone stay for hours in a bar without ordering something? In short, in the end, they will spend on something within your bar.

Let people play as they sip their bottles of beer.

Choose two or three sports and equip them with all the relevant equipment. Table tennis and pool are among the best game for such a business.

 Remember, these are sports for public use, therefore have pool tables that are built to last to save you some coins for other business activities.

2. Customer loyalty program

How can you reward your customers for promoting your business? Customer loyalty is something to uphold at all costs.

Let them earn points from every purchase. Have a program such that the ends are redeemable.

Who hates discounts? Instead of buying a bottle of beer in any other place, they will come to your bar to earn points, for they know it comes in handy during the financially-down days.

 As long as you have earned their trust through the points, you are sure of constant business revenue, and that is growth.

The loyalty program goes an extra mile to create personal relationships between the customer and the entrepreneur.

It is these sessions that you get to have feedback on the good and the bad things in your business for change towards growth.

3. Special discounts

Human nature is that every coin counts, however insignificant it may be. Ask yourself why some of the prices end in 9, 99, 999, and 9999.

The value looks low, but it’s still the same as the next number. Have days where you have special discounts to entice your customers.

You need to do this having in mind that you are in business. Once in a while, break even. Forget about the loss for a few days.

That simple kind of business gesture is enough to have an influx of customers. It popularises your bar and makes you familiar with the market.

Once you gain your customer, look for other ways of making them stay there forever.

4. Quality and tasty food

Health experts admit that before you engage in nightlife over bottles of beer. It’s essential to eat some good food to prevent the adverse effects on beer on your nervous system.

Give your customer ample time and let them sit and enjoy their drink knowing very well there is some good food available.

You may not have the business in mind, but due to demand, you have no option. Don’t just offer food but quality and tasty food for all your revelers.

5. Music band

The people visiting your bar come to have a good time. They relax both their body and mind. People pay to listen to good music from a live band.

Why not offer it as a free service. No one would want to leave the bar when there is a piece of good music in the background.

 It’s a smart way of making revelers stay long on the premises, which translates to more money for your business.

6. Crafted and locally-brewed beer

People love a personal touch in everything, including the kind of beer they consume. Once they have the right taste, you may be overwhelmed by the high number of customers opting for it than the commercial brand.

Organize beer tasting events and let them sample different beer mixture to get what works for your target audience.

Hospitality entrepreneurs must think outside the box on better ways of ensuring they have a constant flow of customers.

The ideas are not in exhaustion; you need to handle your business on a case to case basis. Look at what your customers love and give them value for their money and time.